Ksom Pyash: Cosmic Language

Andrii (Logan) Zvorygin

1 Introduction

KsomPyash (Cosmic Language) or simply Pyash for short, is an auxiliary language based on human linguistic universals specifically designed for high speed, high precision communication for human to human, human to computer and computer to computer communication. It supports representing the concepts and grammatical information of the vast majority of human language with high precision.

It is also designed to be usable as a computer programming langauge that is easy to evolve using evolutionary and genetic programming approaches, allowing computer based organisms to self modify their own code.

There are extensive dictionaries and introductory material available. Most word stems are between 2 to 4 letters long, using phonotactics that make them easy to pronounce for the majority of humans. The language is easy to parse, so spaces are optional, thus it can be written in an isolating or in an aggultinative polysynthetic style.

2 References

Here are some introductory language learning materials:

Here is the active repository for the evolutionary programmer:

Here is a list of various papers that have been published about Pyash: